Serendipity (ser'en-dip'-e-ti) :Is the effect by which one accidentally stumbles upon something fortunate, especially while looking for something entirely unrelated.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Window Remix

Decorating is never done at my house.  Fluffing the nest and rearranging is always going on around here.  I am anxious for spring to get here aren't you?  The colors in one of my favorite paintings has inspired me to do a little project.

I had this old window frame already and I went shopping for some fabric to put behind the panes of glass.  It has me looking forward to spring.  I found the antique gold gilt frame at the thrift store last weekend for two bucks.  The little bird I already had.

It didn't take long to create the window and before I knew it, I had instant "art" and if I tire of it, it will be so easy to change out.

The painting is by Kelly Rae Roberts.  She is a talented young artist.  I just love her art and feel so blessed to own one of her original pieces.  I hope whatever YOU seek you shall find.

What have you been up to?


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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Learning English in 1944

I found these fun vintage school books at the thrift store.  Written in the style of the infamous Dick and Jane style children's reader books, I was captivated by the charming artwork and colorful pictures.

Kind of fun aren't they?
Hope you have a great weekend.


Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Patchwork Heart

Hearts are funny looking organs.
They don't resemble the typical
 "heart" shape really.
We all need one to live.

Each one of us has one that could tell at least a hundred stories.

Perhaps many more.

Stories of love.
of heart break.
of grief.
of joy.
of happiness.

of sadness.
of challenges.
of faith.

of family.
of friendship.
of pain.
of secrets.

Stories that we keep locked away deep inside and tucked within the recesses of our hearts.

over a lifetime of experience.
layers upon layers of memories
and hurts
and kisses
and laughter
the feeling of the sunshine on my hair and the wind on my face.
the feeling of my unborn babes moving inside of me.
the taste of the salt of the ocean and the mighty power of the waves crashing against the rocks.
The day I said I DO when I married my husband many years ago.
The brokenness I felt the day I learned my daughter was diagnosed with cancer.

is woven into my heart forever
but there for me to remember.

and more and more time passes
and more memories are created
and more happiness
and even sometimes more sadness.
and I remember when
and my heart remembers too.

And like a patchwork quilt my life is pieced together like no other.

Bits of this and that
seems so haphazard yet
like the intricate workings
of a clock, it is as though

as my life has been laid out for me
as a custom made blanket, and I will wrap my patchwork heart up in it bumps bruises and all. My patchwork heart has become all
the more stronger with each
little stitch.

Thoughts and Heart by me.  Happy valentines Day.


Sunday, February 3, 2013


What girl would't love candy and flowers?

My little Magpie Ethel girl arrived from Portland and I was smitten immediately.  If you've not been to Laurie's blog before, you must visit and see the magic she creates.  Wishing you a happy week ahead.


Friday, February 1, 2013

Lady in Red

She got a new hat.

And she got a new skirt too.

She put on her dancing shoes.

Millie's ready to go paint the town


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