Serendipity (ser'en-dip'-e-ti) :Is the effect by which one accidentally stumbles upon something fortunate, especially while looking for something entirely unrelated.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Have yourself a merry LITTLE Christmas

I haven't posted for awhile.  How are you doing?  Lately I have busy posting on Instagram.  I must admit it's so much easier to post a quick picture.  I would love to have you visit me there and say hello.

If you've been with me for awhile then you may have already seen my pixie tree.  I love collecting these sweet pixies.  They make me smile.

The Littleton's have been busy decorating their house for Christmas too.

Oh my! It looks as though Santa is making his stop at their house right now.  I sure hope the children have been good.

The living room is so bright and festive with the Christmas tree in the front window.  All the gifts are wrapped and under the tree.

Mother has made a delicious cake for a special treat.

 It's been a long day and time for bed.  I am sure the children will be dreaming of sugarplums dancing in their heads and Mom and Dad can hardly wait to settle down for a long winter's nap.


Sunday, November 9, 2014

The Surprise Inside

Were you ever pleasantly surprised by something you thought was one thing,


but it turned out it was entirely something else?  I found this exquisite antique doll box at a rummage sale I just went to.  It was all taped together so when I got home and took the tape off,

I discovered that the box was actually an inkwell!

The first clue should of been the indentation on the front where the pen would rest, but I didn't notice that.

She now lives in my cabinet (now cleared of all of the apothecary items) happily among the china head dolls .  You never know what you might find while rummaging around all the ahem... junk.


Friday, October 24, 2014

The Apothecary Cabinet

It's almost Halloween and I've been playing in the apothecary cabinet.

I found this little lamp at the Goodwill and it fits inside my cabinet perfectly.  At night flameless candles also light up the cabinet with an eerie glow. The vintage butterfly book is one of my favorites and was given to me by Kathy of Kluless.  I think it fits right in.

 Spooky Spooky!
I must confess....
The CANDY is still my favorite part of Halloween.


Saturday, October 18, 2014

Birds Flowers and Friendship Day

Sometimes my junking days seem to have a theme.  Not that I am trying or anything, but all the things I find seem to tie in to each other.  Some of the things I bought today did.  I thought these vintage flocked birds were especially cute and I loved the colors too.  The fabric they are on is vintage barkcloth a favorite of mine to find.  The brooch is another favorite as you might guess from my blog header.  This one is really big.  It measures about four inches across.

The pocketbook purse is vintage and I couldn't resist not buying it.  It's floral pattern is a bit wild but sweet nonetheless.  Perhaps it was someone's Easter purse.  

In keeping with the bird and floral theme, a piece of coveted Pyrex in the friendship pattern.  I was so happy to find this one plus it is a pretty pattern.  I found the tablecloth that it is sitting on today too.

 Just a few highlights from my efforts today.  It was fun finding these treasures today.


Sunday, October 5, 2014

Bag of Bones

I literally bought a bag of bones this weekend.  It was filled with lots of skeletons, scary cats and pumpkins.  Not quite antiques, but vintage.  Some are from the early seventies.  Just in time for some spooky decorating.

My favorite halloween finds were this halloween tablecloth and jack-o-lantern blow mold that set me back a whopping .69 cents.  Yay I have two halloween blowmolds now. 

Makes me want to snack on some candy corn now.


Monday, September 15, 2014

What I Found

Even though two of the three of the kewpies had issues, I just had to rescue them.  I thought they were sweet enough to take home and the price was right too.  The book is actually made of wood and opens to reveal a place to keep all your treasures.  A book safe.  Oooh if only it could talk.  I wonder what sort of treasures it once held.

I happen to love these sort of china head dolls and I spied this tiny doll head in one of the photos of the estate sale ad online.  Wouldn't you know I found her at the sale and was able to buy her.  I thought the price of $3.00 was excellent and it made going to the sale worth it for me.

After seeing this inspiring girl's halloween collection,  I was so excited to finally find my own halloween blowmold via thrift store this weekend.  I never see these where I live, even in the shops.

I love old yardsticks and was happy to add a few to my collection.

Happy week to you!


Saturday, August 30, 2014

Meet the Littletons

These are the Littletons, but they would insist that you call them by their first names Bob and Martha.  Bob and Martha Littleton have been shopping for a home for awhile.  I think they may have found one.

It's a bit of a fixer upper but they went inside and instantly fell in love.

They knew it was to be their home.
So they packed up their belongings and brought their children (daughter Sue and son Ricky) and moved into their new home.

Whew! It's been a long day of unpacking and moving and the family is exhausted but happy to relax by the fireplace before falling into bed.

They would love to show you more of their home as it progresses.

This was the


Pitiful, I know.

So far I have wallpapered, installed wood floors, and made curtains.  The family seems to like it.